Every Condofax Report Checks For:

Condofax Financial Analysis for Condo Buyers

A thorough financial analysis of the condominium association including: Budgets, Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Statements, Assessments, Loans, Reserves, Dues and Delinquency Levels, and Tax Return Filings.

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Condofax Reserve Study for Condo Buyers

An examination of the most recent reserve study completed and an analysis of current and future reserve funding, allocation, and upcoming capital projects for the condominium you are considering.

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State Law Compliance & Best Practices by Condofax

Review of all condominium association documentation for compliance with state law and operational conformity with the condominium industry standards.

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Condominium Association Rules & Regulations by Condofax

Study of Rules & Regulations that are against the actual practice.

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Condofax Insurance Policy Review for Condo Buyers

Investigation of all of the insurance policies and coverage the condominium has as is required by state statute.

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Condofax Litigation & Minutes for Condo Buyers

Examination of past and current litigation of the condominium association by our legal department, with scrutiny of all board minutes as is required by condominium code.

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Condofax Miscellaneous Reviews for the Condo Buyer

The Condofax report also includes background checks on the condominium board members, registered sex offenders in the condominium association, condominium engineering reports where required by law, condominium management company reputation, and project eligibility for FHA and VA mortgages.

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